When we think broadly about our life experiences in a positive light, our sense of well-being and satisfaction grows. This growth inclines us toward confidence. But how do we look through a positive lens in world where the media saturates us with reports of violence and bitter conflict?

One way is by appreciating experiences that cause us to smile or feel happiness. Think of that as savoring the good. These experiences usually don’t have the high of getting a promotion or winning a contest. Often, they lie unrecognized during our busy days. 

The good may arise from something as simple as the antics of your pet, the scent of a rose or the willingness of another driver to let you merge into their lane. Recognize the good often enough during your day and you’ll feel your positivity gradually grow. 

My posts share the good I experience day to day. I don’t brag about an accomplishment or extol an extraordinary event—just share an example of the good I encounter. Here is today’s good: although my neighborhood has few squirrels, one made a surprise visit, and my dog was entranced.  

Our confidence can be summoned more easily when we are feeling satisfied, content, and safe.  What made you feel that way today?