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Create Your Own Sunshine

Sunshine – metaphorical sunshine – comes in many forms. Each of us has a different vision of what will bring happiness and contentment. During the pandemic, many have imagined being greeted by a dog’s wagging tail as the answer to hard times and loneliness. Any dog...

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Living in the In-Between Time

It seems the ravages of Covid-19 have largely passed in much of our country for now. Stay-at-home orders have been lifted, and we’ve begun to step out into the sunshine. However, respected voices tell us that the virus will return ferociously in the fall. Do we live...

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Confidence Is an Inside Job

Here are two quick ways to boost your confidence despite the uncertainty and fear around us. You can lift your spirits and build your morale by taking these simple do-it-yourself actions. Repeat as needed! Wrap Yourself in Love. If there were a master tool for...

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Visualize Your Refuge

News of the pandemic and the resulting economic disorder can fill us with fear as we are barraged with bad news. Every day feels overwhelming, and we need to call on our resilience, our willingness to go. One way to summon our resilience is to go to a refuge in our...

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Calm Your Anxiety

The Covid Virus and economic turmoil have fanned anxiety in just about everyone. I worry about my family’s health and about my retirement which looks increasingly sketchy. There is little I can do to manage these threats. But I can manage—or try to manage—how I feel...

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Sharing Good News

The theme of this blog is savoring the good, and one way we do that is by sharing good news with friends. I’m immodestly sharing the recent Kirkus review of Confidence Lost / Confidence Found: How to Reclaim the Unstoppable You.  The book is based on strategies that I...

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