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Visualize Your Refuge

News of the pandemic and the resulting economic disorder can fill us with fear as we are barraged with bad news. Every day feels overwhelming, and we need to call on our resilience, our willingness to go. One way to summon our resilience is to go to a refuge in our...

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Calm Your Anxiety

The Covid Virus and economic turmoil have fanned anxiety in just about everyone. I worry about my family’s health and about my retirement which looks increasingly sketchy. There is little I can do to manage these threats. But I can manage—or try to manage—how I feel...

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Sharing Good News

The theme of this blog is savoring the good, and one way we do that is by sharing good news with friends. I’m immodestly sharing the recent Kirkus review of Confidence Lost / Confidence Found: How to Reclaim the Unstoppable You.  The book is based on strategies that I...

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Relish the Rear View

Skip the late December ritual of studying lists of how to be more effective, more calm, more kind or more anything. Instead, devote the time to identifying all that you appreciate from 2019.  Appreciation is a positive emotion, and research shows that positive...

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Saved By Snow

Rain and snow saved Santa Barbara last week. The Cave Fire burst into life on Monday evening and raged on steep mountain slopes covered by 30 year-old vegetation. Bulldozers couldn’t reach the inaccessible terrain, and planes dropping fire retardants couldn’t fly in...

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Walking on Sunshine

When we think broadly about our life experiences in a positive light, our sense of well-being and satisfaction grows. This growth inclines us toward confidence. But how do we look through a positive lens in world where the media saturates us with reports of violence...

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