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Planning for 2021

As we think about things we want to accomplish in 2021, I suspect we share a common goal: getting a Covid vaccination. But, as this time of year, we may decide want to change in other ways. New Year’s resolutions are a way to express that desire. Maybe your resolution...

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Is it Gratitude or Appreciation?

Both these feelings are essential for building positive emotions which help us be happier and more confident. Each November, we hear a lot about “gratitude” but the word “appreciation” may not be used. They are similar feelings with an important difference....

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Four Ways to Slow the Windmills in Your Mind

The uncertainty of Covid-19 and economic turmoil can set your mind spinning with “what ifs.” The questions go round and round like the blades of a windmill. Whether it’s called worrying or rumination, it can lead to anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. It can...

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Four Ways Nature Can Help You

Before the cold weather arrives, try one of these four ways that nature can help us deal with the uncertainty of the Covid world. Studies have demonstrated that connecting with nature will reduce anxiety and depression while increasing positivity. Drink in Nature as...

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Create Your Own Sunshine

Sunshine – metaphorical sunshine – comes in many forms. Each of us has a different vision of what will bring happiness and contentment. During the pandemic, many have imagined being greeted by a dog’s wagging tail as the answer to hard times and loneliness. Any dog...

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Living in the In-Between Time

It seems the ravages of Covid-19 have largely passed in much of our country for now. Stay-at-home orders have been lifted, and we’ve begun to step out into the sunshine. However, respected voices tell us that the virus will return ferociously in the fall. Do we live...

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